Author: Kerry Clewer

Coronavirus Message for Traveling Groups

Coronavirus Message for Traveling Groups Last Updated: 11:00 25/02/2021 Since March 2020, we have been working hard with our customers to find the best possible solution where trips have been unable to operate during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to thank our groups for their patience and understanding during this unprecedented period. We [...]

Easter Skiing Myths Debunked

Talk about skiing during Easter and get ready to see some raised eyebrows and an accompanying ‘huh?'. Tons of people believe some myths about skiing in Easter that causes them to avoid the delights of this exciting sport during this magical time of the year. Easter break is actually a great time to go skiing! [...]

Sun, Snow, Skiing & Smiles all round!

Feb Half Term 2020 Highlights For many students, the annual ski trip is the absolute highlight of the academic year – and a fantastic chance to learn a new sport with their mates, often whilst enjoying a cultural experience in a foreign country at the same time. And this half term did not disappoint our [...]
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