France - Traditional alpine skiing

France is a popular winter sports destinations for skiers and snowboarders around the world, offering diverse landscapes and top-notch facilities. The French Alps are renowned for breath-taking views, a variety of slopes and state-of-the-art ski lifts.

French resorts are known for their luxurious accommodation, from cosy ski chalets to chic hotels there are options for all budgets. With it’s stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage France skiing is the perfect destination for students and teachers alike.

School trips to France offer students a unique opportunity to experience a different culture and challenge themselves physically. Skiing provides a great opportunity for students to work on their balance, fitness and endurance whilst the cultural immersion found in France is like no other.

France resorts also offer the opportunity for students to work on their language skills in practical and real-world situations outside the classroom. This experience can be invaluable in improving oral and listening skills.

France resorts combine traditional scenery and culture with a modern safety conscious approach to produce the perfect resorts for a school ski trip, and produce an experience that will last long in the memory for students.

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