Why every child should go on a ski trip

Why every child should go on a ski trip

Ski trips create memories that last a lifetime. Time on the slopes (including the time on your backside), the time away with friends and the feeling of joy from mastering a new skill are all etched into memories. Children will learn new skills and develop confidence by putting them into practice all in some of the most interesting and breath-taking landscapes on earth.

Organising a ski trip may seem like a daunting idea, but it doesn’t have to be. As a dedicated school sports tour provider, we ensure you have all the information you need at every step to keep the school, parents and children informed and excited. We will make sure that the locations chosen meet budget and duration requirements, the days are all planned to maximise your time away and you can plan safe in the knowledge you have the support you need.

How ski trips benefit students

Ski trips boost confidence.
Learning a new skill or succeeding in a new sport will increase confidence and make students more likely to want to participate in other sports. Whether this is making it down the beginner slopes or a black run, the feeling of success is tangible. This confidence is shown to help them excel academically and socially. It can improve mental health with confident students less likely to experience stress and low mood.

Ski trips can kickstart a lifetime passion and interest in sport.
Skiing is both a personal sport and social activity. Experiencing how fun sports can be, instilling a healthy level of competitiveness and the buzz of adrenalin can ensure a healthy lifetime of sports. Childhood engagement in sports has been proven to have a big carry over to health in later life.

It isn’t just on the slopes that the children learn.
Experiencing a new culture, whether that is one of the European destinations with the challenge of a new language or USA or New Zealand and a different pace of life gives children the chance to grow. From trying new foods and local delicacies to seeing important landmarks and learning about a different country’s laws, customs and beliefs the richness of other countries. We can incorporate language lessons, from basic phrases to more advanced classes for the older children.

Children learn to build better relationships.
Ski trips will often put children who don’t normally speak or associate in school in a situation where they spend quality time together. Re-learning to make new friends in a safe, structured environment holds them in good stead when they when they progress into new schools, university or adult hood. It really is a skill and one that we often neglect later on in life! Activities are created to enhance teambuilding skills and personal development.

Lastly, but not least, Ski trips are fun! For teachers and students, they can be one of the highlights of the academic year.

How ski trips benefit schools

Ski trips are very inclusive.
Firstly, everyone can participate. Most ski resorts will have slopes for all abilities and excellent coaches that can help teachers and pupils learn how to ski or build on their existing skills. Many ski resorts have special access and provisions for disabled children especially in western Europe and the US.

Secondly, ski trips don’t have to be expensive.
Planning a ski trip is more versatile than you might think. You can travel to somewhere in Europe by coach which can bring the costs down dramatically, eastern Europe is also very cost effective. For those that have greater budget, a trip further to North America can be perfect.

Ski trips strengthen relationships.
Shared experiences outside of a classroom environment will bring teachers and children a better understanding of each other and a help them build friendships and mutual respect. Teachers also benefit from having time outside the school with their colleagues and building memories they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Ski trips are something everyone should have the chance to experience and enjoy from majestic Canada to the thrill of the Alps or Eastern Europe, when will you book?

Why every child should go on a ski trip

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