Booking – A Step by Step Guide


Your regional school ski advisor is on hand to help you through every step of the way. They will be able to advise you on the right resort for your group. The team are knowledgeable and experienced, and passionate about Skiing. Find your Regional Ski Advisor here.


Whether you’ve already decided on where and when you want to go, speak with us as early as possible in your planning stages so that we can help check availability and tour viability in line with your preferences and requirements. We will then provide a comprehensive price quotation for the option(s) that we believe best suit your group and budget.

If you like the look of the package and destination we’ve offered, then the next step is to seek permission from your school’s senior leadership team to run the trip. We recommend that this be done as soon as possible as sometimes it can take a little time to get the go ahead. You can download a sample letter for approval by Headteacher or governors if this is a required stage at your school here.


Contact us to reconfirm availability of all the trip elements, and at this stage we will reserve space wherever possible. Top tip: There is no financial obligation, but this also means that our suppliers will only reserve services for a limited time, and we will of course advise exactly what this means to you since every tour is unique. Do this just before you advertise the trip so that you can act quickly, as time is of the essence once we are holding accommodation/travel arrangements/resort allocations for you.


Launch your trip

Here, you need to make sure you give your trip every chance of securing enough take up from your students. There are two options you can choose here.



Arrange a launch evening to promote your trip to parents where time constraint allow. Please contact your regional ski specialist who can either arrange to come to your school to address all prospective students and their parents. Alternatively, we can arrange a virtual meeting via a Microsoft Teams/Zoom presentation. They will introduce inspireski and the resort you chose for your trip and are on-hand to answer any questions parents may have for that extra peace of mind.


If the parents evening route isn’t a practical one due to the time constraint involved, perhaps consider arranging to present the trip in assemblies at school to the students and then send a letter out to parents to seek direct sign up. Advertise the trip to pupils and parents, giving particular consideration to any other potential financial pressures on parents. It’s often a good idea to send a letter out towards the end of a month, giving parents a short window to return a deposit payment, allowing for a pay day to fall during that window. Create additional urgency and increase demand by advising students those places are strictly limited and hence they need to sign up quickly to avoid missing out! We can help with this with a range of promotional of material to assist you from resort specific PowerPoint presentations (please request this with your ski specialist), posters to put up around school and sample letters to parents which can be found here.


Please note Ski trips by air often require passenger names as per passport at time of booking, so make sure you save yourself time and hassle by gathering this information in your initial promotion. It is important at the outset to provide parents with clear information regarding payment deadlines for additional deposits and final payments thus avoiding any confusion later down the line. A practical solution is to ask for a photocopy of the students passport along with their permission slip to facilitate this.

Other Important Resources:

Here you can download other resources that will make your booking process as smooth as possible!

Use this promotional poster to show off the news of your next inspireski tour!

All the information we need from you in one place, making the admin so much simpler!

Download this passenger list out and return it with your first deposit. It gives us all the information we need to book your transport and international travel!

When the time comes to embark on your inspireski tour, send out this packing checklist to ensure every student has exactly what kit they need for the trip!

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