Cool alpine tech that could improve your skiing experience

The ski trip is booked and the count down has begun. Now it’s time to get prepared. Skiing is an activity that relies on equipment and your experience can be made based on the equipment you use. There’s the obvious essential equipment such as skis, boots and jackets, but there are also luxury items that will certainly make your experience better. This piece will look at the latest technology that can make you feel like 007 as you manoeuvre the slopes.


Keeping hands and feet warm whilst skiing

There are number of options here. There are the traditional single use air-activated handwarmers that remain very popular, however these no longer impress the tech lovers among us. Another option is to use chargeable electric hand warmers. There are many options on the market, and most are charged using USB leads. The chargeable option means that this gadget won’t just serve you well on the slopes but can also keep your hands warm when you are back home.  Alternatively, there is the even more impressive option of the heated glove. These are fantastic however usually come in at a much higher price. Looking at the heated glove market, you are on average looking in the hundreds for a pair of these.

For the real tech lovers there are also the very impressive Kjus BT 2.0 gloves. These gloves can act as a phone and incorporate a screen and a Bluetooth handset. Obviously these are a great for improving communication when skiing.

There is nothing worse than having cold hands… actually, perhaps cold feet.  If you want to keep your feet warm you have numerous options, but bear in mind prices vary a lot we have seen socks that can be controlled by a handheld device ranging from £21.99 to £200+. We suggest having a real shop around.


Electronic driers

No matter what you are expecting, you will get wet while skiing. A great little device that will improve your experience is electrical dry warmers. They will emit enough heat to gradually dry boots and glovers while other clothes are warmed near a radiator or fire. There are again many options when it comes to these warmers and certain brands also emit UV light which has anti-bacterial values helping to reduce smells. Little devices such as this are sure to make slipping your boots and gloves on a little nicer.


School girl carrying skisRecord your trip

We all want to capture special moments to remind us of them for the rest of our lives. When skiing or snowboarding, it is important to remember that it is an extreme sport and cameras need to be tough and water proof. We all have a brand in mind when we think or outdoors adventure cameras, but you can find superb little cameras for a very reasonable price. Olfi offer their camera and adapter package for £99.99 and have a “you break it we’ll replace it” policy.

“Additionally the days of the selfie stick are behind those of the ski slope. There are now adapters for cameras that will turn your ski poles into camera stands to capture the perfect ski selfie.” – Digital Pigeon


Staying connected on the slopes

Another idea we love is Snoww. This is a ski app that allows users to track their activities, take pictures, share and socialise with others. This is a fantastic tool for groups of young skiers to stick together, track each other and find each other if they get separated. Tracking is important on the slopes in case anything does happen to go wrong. This is also fantastic for Generation Z. They are fantastic with technology and this way they combine their love for technology and social media with physical sporting activity.

Cool alpine tech that could improve your skiing experience
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