Inspiresport and Snowsport Cymru Wales extend exclusive partnership to 2020.

December 2018 – inspireski and Snowsport Cymru Wales are happy to announce an extension to their existing partnership from the end of 2018.

Following a successful partnership, first signed in 2016, the UK’s number one provider of school sports development tours has negotiated an exclusive contract extension which sees them partner with Snowsport Cymru Wales until 2020.

Snowsport Cymru Wales is the national governing body in Wales and aims to increase participation in skiing and snowboarding across the country. In addition, it provides access to valuable training courses across both the education and professional sector.

In 2015, inspiresport added ski to its existing product portfolio and now provides trips to Spain, Italy, USA and Canada.

Steve Butchart, CEO at inspiresport said:

“This agreement provides a fantastic opportunity to work closely with the sports’ national governing body and will ensure we are able to provide the very best ski trips for our groups through sharing best practise and knowledge with their expert team. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Snowsport Cymru Wales.”

Robin Kellen, Chief Executive at Snowsport Cymru Wales added:

“We’re pleased to continue our partnership as we work towards greater participation across ski and snowboarding. Our aim is to provide the best opportunities for young people to learn, get fit and have fun with their classmates or friends. Personal development and skill improvement are key themes for both inspiresport and Snowsport Cymru Wales which is why our relationship works so well.”

More information about inspiresport’s group ski tours or training courses available from Snowsport Cymru Wales is available on the organisations websites.

Inspiresport and Snowsport Cymru Wales extend exclusive partnership to 2020.
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